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Aftercare Information

Little Oak Middle School Aftercare Child Program
Dr. Susan Carter, Program Director
Aftercare Enrollment Form

Mission Statement: The mission of our Aftercare Program is to provide students with:

· An inclusive program that is safe and nurturing in a comfortable environment.

· A cultural, enriching program that promotes the physical, intellectual, emotional and social development of each child.

· A program that meets the highest quality of child care standards.

Eligibility: The After School Child Care Program is a service provided to Little Oak students only.

About our Program: The Aftercare Program will be provided on regular school days, beginning after school until 6:00 PM. Aftercare is NOT an extension of the students’ school day. It is a Community Education Program that is supported by the attendants. In middle school, our teacher-student ratio will be 1 to 16, with no additional attendants. The program will not operate when school is closed, including holidays and ½ days of school. The program’s phone number is 985-502-0457.

Registration: Students must have the Aftercare Enrollment Form turned in to the front office prior to the first day of service. The Aftercare Enrollment Form can be found on our Little Oak Middle website.

Program Fees: The daily rate is $10 per day. Drop in attendants are required to pay $10 upon pickup.
Non-payment of fees will result in student removal from the aftercare program. Payments are due Monday of each week, all aftercare must be prepaid.  As per school policy, students who owe fees (including aftercare) may not be permitted to attend extracurricular activities. Rates are subject to increase during the school year if operating costs of the program increases.

Payments: Payments must be made in advance for the days your child will be attending aftercare. Payments must be made online through MyPaymentsPlus, which can be found on our school website.

Overdue Payments: If an account goes unpaid beyond 2 days, your child will not be allowed to attend aftercare until full payment is made.

Daily Schedule:
2:46-3:00 – Roll Call
3:00-3:30 – Homework Time
3:30-6:00 – Activity Time
Note:  Homework is done on the honor system. Children are expected to have all assignments. Students without homework or who finish early may read for enjoyment or study for upcoming tests. Assistance from a Child Care Worker is available.

Late Pick-Up Fee: A $10 late fee will be charged for each additional 15 minutes (1-15 minutes; 16-30 minutes; 31-45 minutes) when the parent/guardian is late in picking up each of his/her children. Children who are consistently picked up late will no longer be allowed to attend aftercare.  If parent contact has not been successful, authorities will be called for assistance with any student remaining after 6:30 PM.

Discipline: ALL students are expected to follow the same rules and procedures as during regular school hours. Inappropriate student behavior will be handled according to the STPSB Parent/Student Handbook. Students who receive disciplinary consequences will also receive a probationary warning. If behaviors continue, the student will no longer be allowed to attend aftercare. Aftercare should always be a safe environment for all. Students who injure others, purposely or accidentally, may be removed from aftercare immediately. Administration will determine if/when the student will be allowed to return to aftercare.  Students who are verbally abusive or use inappropriate language will also be removed.

Checkout Procedures: Only adults who are listed on the enrollment form will be allowed to sign out the child from aftercare. A photo ID will be required. Please keep your authorization list up to date at all times.