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Beginning of the Year Robo Call 2023-2024

Parents and Guardians,

This is Mrs. Vanderklis, Principal of Little Oak Middle School.  I am placing this call to welcome you to another fantastic school year and to update you on a few things. First, a letter was mailed out Friday to all of our students identifying your child’s homeroom teacher. Students should bring this information with them on the first day of school, which will be staggered this year. One-half of our students will report to school each day. This will be based on the 1st letter of their last name. August 10:  A-L and August 11: M-Z. All students will report following their normal schedule beginning August 14. If you do not receive the letter before school begins, our staff will have a copy of everyone’s schedule on hand. You can also look on your JPAMS account from last school year to see your child’s schedule. ALL students will report directly to their homeroom on their first day of school and this letter will help them to remember where to go. 

On the first day of school, it is NOT necessary for students to bring ALL their school supplies, as this would be very cumbersome.  Instead, they should bring the amount that fits into their book bag without being too heavy to carry. The rest of the supplies can be brought in on their next day or two.  Fourth graders, and 4th graders only, will have a “Meet and Greet”, tomorrow, August 9th, from 2:00 – 4:00, just come at your leisure. Parents who are able to attend the 4th grade Meet and Greet should bring their child’s school supplies at that time. Remember, this is only for our 4th graders. If you do not receive your 4th grader’s schedule before Meet and Greet, don’t worry, we will have it for you when you arrive.

We are asking that our students ride the school bus on the first day of school.  We have nearly 1,000 students enrolled at Little Oak and the traffic is always a bit nerve racking on the first day of school, as it usually backs up to Gause Blvd. Please note that our carline takes a RIGHT in front of Boyet Jr. High, travels around Boyet’s campus on the gravel road, and then drops off in our new parking lot. We will have duty personnel present.

Unfortunately, parents cannot drive or park in the bus lane, and there is not room to park in our faculty parking lots, especially during construction that is currently taking place. Please keep in mind Boyet’s faculty and staff begin arriving just before 8:00 so we cannot park on their campus.  We will have extra personnel on hand on the first few days of school with a printout of all student names and their homeroom teacher.  All of our students will be in good hands. You will have an opportunity to meet the teachers during Open House later in August. Remember, parents are not permitted to enter the classrooms on the first day of school. This does cause additional anxiety and stress for our students.

If your child will attend Little Oak’s aftercare, the registration forms are available on our website.  Be sure to read all forms because some changes have been made. Most importantly, the $20 Chromebook insurance should be paid on MyPaymentsPlus. You can also check to see if your child owes a fine or fee for damage on last year’s Chromebook. Students who still owe for damage will not be issued a Chromebook until the account is settled. We will be issuing Chromebooks next Monday – Wednesday.

We are certainly looking forward to seeing all of our students on the first day and we hope you all had a wonderful, relaxing break.  Since this call was rather lengthy, it will also be posted on our website for your convenience. Thank you for your continued support. We will be seeing you soon.


Mrs. K. Vanderklis, Principal