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Students gather around a table to work on an activity together

The grading scale for English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies is as follows:
A   100-90
B   89-80
C   79-70
D   69-60
F   59-0

Graded papers are sent home on a regular basis by each teacher. If you do not receive papers in a timely manner, please contact your child’s teacher.

Health and Physical Education (PE), Art, Music/Chorus, Band, and Conduct will be reported by: O, S, N, and U
These subjects shall not affect the quarterly or final grade point average.
O Outstanding
S Satisfactory
N Needs Support
U Unsatisfactory
Parents and students are encouraged to monitor their child’s progress through the Student Progress Center.

Interims will be available through the Student Progress Center each nine weeks. Parents will receive an automated phone call making them aware that the interim grades are up to date in JPAMS. Parents who wish to receive a hard copy of their child’s interim will need to fill out a request form. These forms will be available in the front office. SWE (Students With Exceptionalities) teachers are responsible for getting their student’s progress reports to the student’s homeroom teacher prior to the issuing of report cards.

Parish Honor Roll requirements are followed and will be computed by the data processing department when determining honor roll recipients. Honor Roll – There shall be an Honor Roll for all 9 week grading periods. The fourth nine weeks Honor Roll will be computed as a YEARLY HONOR ROLL. A minimum of 3.0 GPA is required for the “A-B” Honor Roll. The student may not have a grade of “D” or “F” to be considered for Honor Roll. A minimum of 4.0 GPA is required for the “All A” Honor Roll.

Yearly honor rolls are computed based on grades through 35 weeks of school. Music, PE, Band, and conduct grades are not used in computing honor rolls. The yearly honor roll will be computed as follows:
Principal’s Honor Roll – A student made all A’s on his/her report card in every subject, every 9 weeks of the school year.

Honor Roll – Students whose yearly average falls between 3.0 – 3.99 are eligible for this honor roll. The yearly average is computed as described above. Students may not have a grade of “D” or “F” to be considered for Honor Roll.

Reminders: A student must have at least 1 quality point in a subject in order to earn a grade of “D”. Example: .67 is an “F”. It is not rounded up to a “D”.

To receive the YEARLY Honor Roll, a student must not earn a grade of “D” or “F” in any subject on his/her report card. Students are allowed to have a grade of “C” on his/her report card and still earn the Yearly Honor Roll, as long as he/she meets the grade point requirement as stated above.

The Yearly Perfect Attendance Award is cumulative.  Only students who had Perfect Attendance for the entire school year will receive a Yearly Perfect Attendance Award.  Students with tardies and/or check-outs are not eligible for a Yearly Perfect Attendance Award.

Each student is expected to turn in all homework assignments in a timely manner. It will be at the teacher’s discretion to accept late homework. Assignments will vary from day to day. We encourage our students to use the dated student planner that is available at the beginning of the school year to copy their homework assignments each day. Parents should check the planner regularly to make sure that assignments are completed for each class. If homework completion presents an issue, teachers may request that a parent or guardian sign the planner in order to provide needed support.

Oftentimes, teachers may require students to study in lieu of written homework assignments. Checking the planner is the best way to ensure that assignments are completed. Parents should refer to each teacher’s individual policies and procedures for guidance.

PROMOTION AND RETENTION POLICY Grades 4-6 Promotion Requirements In order to be promoted at the end of 4th grade, a student shall pass the following: English Language Arts and Math and One of these subjects: Science or Social Studies *If a student fails the same subject for 2 consecutive years and is below Basic in the same subject, then the student is subject to intensive intervention. NOTE: Students with characteristics of dyslexia, who are served in a multisensory structured language program, follow the same criteria for promotion as all other students. NOTE: Students shall have participated in the state mandated assessments, if enrolled at the time of the assessments. NOTE: Pursuant to Bulletin 741, §1103.G, elementary students shall be in attendance a minimum of 60,120 minutes (equivalent to 167 six-hour days) a school year. NOTE: Students who have failed a subject may enroll in summer school to remove a deficiency and be considered for promotion to the next grade. A student is allowed to enroll in only one course. The school system reserves the right to cancel any class in which there is insufficient student enrollment for a course. The summer school grade shall not replace the grade earned during the regular school year.

The Student Progress Center is a program that allows parents or guardians to review information about their child including grades, attendance, and schedules from a home computer. The password and user ID information will be mailed directly to each student’s home address.  You can also access the Student Progress Center from our school website using the link listed under About Our School. PARENT/TEACHER CONFERENCES Communication is an essential part of the educational program. We feel it is very important for parents to keep in close contact with their child’s teacher concerning his/her progress. Please remember to schedule a conference in advance so that a convenient time for all may be established. A conference can be scheduled by contacting the teacher through email (each teacher’s e-mail address is linked to our school website), written note, or phone call to the front office (985-641-6510). Both virtual and in person conferences are available.

All teachers are required to post a Weekly Newsletter on his/her JPAMS website.  These newsletters will be updated weekly.  Parents should refer to the newsletter to stay current on all assessments and activities.