2017-2018 Little Oak Middle Student Clubs

The Firecrackers

Little Oak's Jump Rope Team, The Firecrackers, began eight years ago and the team continues to be an integral part of our school. The Firecrackers meet once a week to practice basic jump roping skills and tricks. The jumpers work with each other to improve their athletic skills, foster relationships, and learn the importance of commitment and persistence. They perform throughout the Slidell Community at various events promoting fitness, teamwork, and spirit.

The Firecrackers received the "Making the Grade" award from the
Drew Brees Foundation in 2007.
Team Moderators: Mrs. Pope & Mrs. Segreti

Students that are interested in joining the team must complete an application and permission form, attend the workshop, and try out before a panel of judges. If selected, Firecrackers must maintain a C or better average in all subjects and are expected to maintain appropriate behavior at all times. Firecrackers are also expected to attend all practices. If a Jumper misses more than three practices, they are dismissed from the Jope Rope Team.

Girls on the Run is a 10 week program that focuses on building self-image and building strong girls, emotionally and physically. At the end of the program, the girls will participate in a 5K run in November.
This club is open to 4th, 5th and 6th grade girls. Membership is on a first come, first serve basis. Girls register online through Girlsontherun.org. There is a 20 member limit for 5th grade Girls on the Run. For 6th grade, the Heart and Sole program has a 15 member limit.
Club Moderators: Mrs. Bateman & Mrs. Carter

Little Oak Middle School "Dazzlers" Pom Squad

Being a member of the LOM "Dazzlers" Pom Squad has many rewards and is a valuable experience. Dancers will demonstrate pride to our school and community through their participation on this team. The dance team will perform at LOM events, such as, the Veteran's Day program, Parish Fair, Christmas Program, etc. as well as some of the girls/boys' freshman games at Northshore High. We will have practice on all Thursdays and Mondays. Students are required to participate in all practices and scheduled events.
Club Moderators: Mrs. Bateman & Mrs. Carter

Kindness Club

First Meeting-10/4 in room 212 from 2:45-3:30 p.m.

The purpose of the Kindness Club is to help students build self-esteem, leadership skills, and inspire other to be kind to one another.  Being a part of this club will help bridge a network of peers who are working together to help others throughout our school, community, and nation.  Students who participated in Kindness Club last year will again be a member for this school year.  In addition to this, each homeroom teacher will nominate a student to be in the club for this school year.  Students must maintain good grades and behavior throughout the school year.

Club Sponsors:  Margo Connor, Madeleine Gutekunst,
and Mary Whittemore
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Junior Beta Club
Junior Beta Club is an organization intended to promote the ideals of academic achievement, character, service and leadership among elementary and secondary school students.
At this time, Junior Beta Club is open to students in the 6th grade only. In order to be eligible, students must attend Little Oak Middle in the 5th grade and maintain a 3.5 average or higher throughout the 5th grade year.
In the 6th grade, students will take part in a number of service projects in order to help those in our community. Students must maintain their 3.5 or higher GPA and an excellent behavioral record in order to maintain a member of Junior Beta Club.

Team Moderators: Mrs. Rhodes & Mrs. Watkins

Library Club
The Library Club offers students the opportunity to assist the school librarian with various duties and tasks. Members assist with check-in and check-out procedures, clear fines, shelve books, and they enter this data into our computer based program.
In order to join the Library Club, students must be in 6th grade and submit an application due September 30th. They must maintain good grades. Students may not receive any detentions or suspensions and must maintain good behavior all around the school. Teacher recommendations are important.
There are two requried activites as a Library club member. One is participation in the Fall Essay Wrtiting Contest, and the second is participation in the Spring Poetry Writing contest.

Club Moderator- Paula Walters


Peer 2 Peer

This sole purpose of the P2P group is to educate peers of the awareness of people with disabilities.
The students promote social skills, positive relationships and self-management in all areas of the school. These students work closely with students who have special needs. The group held its first annual Special Olympics event in May 2012. It was a huge success!

Club Sponsor-Mrs. Scairono

Positive Behavior Intervention and Support

PBiS is a prevention-oriented practice. School personnel use evidence-based practices, improve implementation of those practices, and maximize academic and social behavior outcomes. PBiS supports the success of ALL students.

To best serve the needs of our students, each homeroom nominates a male and a female student to represent their class. These selected students are called PBiS Ambassadors. When we receive new students, PBiS Ambassadors greet the student(s) at the front office and take them on a campus tour. They also provide support until the student has adjusted to his or her new school.

We also have a 6 PBiS Counselors. This group consists of a boy and girl from each grade level. The PBiS counselors attend meetings to develop better practices and policies. They offer their opinions, and they support the student body.


4-H Club

Want to learn more about 4H? An information meeting will take place for 4th graders on Thursday, September 1st from 2:45-3:45 and for 5th and 6th graders on Thursday, September 15th from 2:45-3:45. This meeting is to learn more about 4H and to decide if you would like to join. A permission slip must be turned in to Mrs. Venezia in order to attend. An announcement will be made when the forms are going to be handed out with the due date.
Club Sponsor: Mrs. Hodge

Science Environment Club

Little Oak's Science Club offers students the opportunity to get involved with the advancement of scientific knowledge. Students meet regularly, and they are involved in community and school activities which focus on science and inquiry. They also focus on awareness of life science and the environmental impact of nature.

This club meets on the third Wednesday of the month. New members are now being accepted. Please contact Ms. Schellinger for more information.
Students are expected to maintain good behavior and good grades.
Club Moderator - Deborah Schellinger
E-mail Ms. Schellinger